Four Reasons to Celebrate with a Trip

Photo: Woman relaxing on a chair at the beach while reading a book - Photo Credit: Chen Mizrach from Unsplash

Life is short. Grab a chance to mark life’s milestones by blocking off a week to spend time with your loved ones in one of earth’s most magnificent settings. From rekindling a romance to reconnecting with family and friends, the perfect reason to travel is a chance for once-in-a-lifetime moments and memorable experiences to hold dear. Show your family and besties that they’re worth celebrating.

1. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Strip away your daily routine of gadgets and habits and replace it with new activities in an unfamiliar environment. Challenge yourself with mountain hikes, bike tours or running rapids. Reach goals that stretch your mind and body while exciting your senses. Fight inertia by leading the effort to gather your group in a new destination instead of familiar picks. Imagine the satisfaction when you assemble for the glorious celebratory dinner you’ve envisioned for months.

2. Connect with Family & Friends

Some people think of a vacation as an opportunity to disconnect, but a shared journey does the opposite. It connects you more firmly to your fellow travellers. Shared experiences can build unexpected bridges between the generations. Grandfather and grandson get up for the pre-dawn fishing trip. All the ladies meet up at the spa. Relatives representing multiple decades organize a private tour of Europe’s most fascinating castles. Give your family the gift of presence.

Photo: Family overlooking the ocean during sunset - Photo Credit: Tyler Nix from Unsplash

3. Reserve Quality Time

Life can seem to speed by at times. Slow it down with a dedicated effort to spend a week telling family stories, remembering those who have passed, toasting accomplishments and delighting in the year’s successes. Set aside a window of time to share meals, exchange viewpoints and laugh with one another. There’s never been a better time to plan a family celebration.

4. Admire the Natural World

Stepping away from the everyday usually means more time spent outdoors. Ditch the offices, shops and classrooms to welcome the healing power of nature under sunny blue skies. Book an Alaskan cruise to be humbled by the immensity of their mountain ranges and diversity of animal life. A Mexican adventure could include hiking to ancient ruins, snorkeling alongside whale sharks or swimming in underwater cenotes. It all adds up to an important lesson of our place in the grand scheme of things.

Make family memories that last a lifetime!

Hero Image by Ihor Malytskyi from Unsplash

Reprinted with permission from Travel Leaders Network | Amy Mutscher | July 15, 2022